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What about the coronavirus pandemic?

Yes, our lives have been radically changed this year due to a rapidly spreading virus.

The United States erred on the side of caution by shutting down businesses and enforcing a quarantine in most cities. However, recent evidence strongly suggests that the deadliness of the coronavirus is not nearly as high as originally thought.

Recent studies have shown that instead of 3.4% mortality rate, the actual mortality rate is more likely to be 10 to 50 times less than that. And the chances for a healthy adult to die are almost non-existent. It's still worse than the seasonal flu, but not by a huge margin.

With that said, you can practice social distancing while cold approaching women. You don't need to touch every girl you talk to. The only situation in which you'd need to break social distancing is if you were to go home with a woman.

Furthermore, within every difficult situation, there are opportunities. In today's quarantine, women have no way to meet men. If a girl is single, her only option for getting a date is using apps like Tinder. But only about 10% of single women use dating apps in the U.S., the rest prefer other methods.

So, if you approach a girl in the park or grocery store, she is in a situation where the opportunities to meet a man are exceedingly rare. Essentially, there is no competition. Your chances of getting a date with a girl you approach are higher than they've ever been before.

Plus, bringing a girl home is easier as well because public gatherings are limited and many women have no job - they're bored and have a lot of free time.

Yes, you do need to address that it's unusual to meet strangers right now (I will show you how), but so long as you do that, meeting women is the easiest it's ever been.

And there are plenty of opportunities. Near my home in New Orleans, for instance, there are thousands of beautiful women walking around the nearby park just killing time. Plus, bars and clubs have reopened here.

Beyond that, flights are cheaper than they've ever been. Taking a bootcamp will never be this affordable again.

In many ways, the pandemic makes this the ideal time to take a bootcamp.

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What is included in your bootcamp?

12 Hours of Infield Coaching With Me

In one weekend, you will approach more women than the average guy approaches in an entire year.

I will guide you every step of the way. If you have approach anxiety, we will quickly overcome it.

I will observe your interactions and I'll discover exactly why you're not getting the results you want. Then, I will give you a tailored strategy to change that (in a fraction of the time it would take otherwise).

Free Housing

My bootcamps come with a room included. You don't need to worry about finding a hotel, just come to New Orleans and be ready to take action.

If you want to take a bootcamp in another city, I do offer programs in Arizona and Los Angeles (but housing is only included in New Orleans).

I am willing to travel to other cities with enough time in advance. But there is an additional travel fee.

Accountability Calls

A 3-day bootcamp comes with 4 monthly accountability calls with me.

These 1-hour coaching calls would normally cost $100 each. I include them because success doesn't happen in one weekend, it happens over a longer period of time and having a long-term form of accountability is incredibly powerful.

Infield Breakdowns

If you are interested, I will record the audio and video of your interactions.

We will go over the footage and I'll break it down for you to show you exactly what mistakes you are making and how you can improve.

This is a type of objective feedback that would normally be impossible to get. The top performers in any skill watch recordings of themselves to make improvements. This is a powerful tool.

Flexible Options

I offer several types of bootcamps, they include:







Professional Pictures

I can use my high-end camera to take professional pictures of you for social media and online dating apps.

Insane Progress

In a 3-day bootcamp, you can expect to make as much progress as the average guy makes in 6-months (if not more).

This is not a magic pill, but it will radically reduce the amount of time it takes you to reach your dating goals.

Many past clients had gone years without a date but ended up finding a girlfriend (or casual sex) within a month of taking a bootcamp.

Reasonable Pricing

Most bootcamps cost over $3000 making them unaffordable for many people.

My bootcamps cost much less, making them reasonably priced. Despite that, the value offered within them is much higher than competing bootcamps.

Instead of a 9-1 instructor to student ratio, my bootcamps are 2-1. Instead of less than an hour of coaching per day, you receive a guaranteed 4 hours.

More Testimonials

Michael Had Gone Over A Year Without A Single Date... After Coaching, He Had Sex With Multiple Women In A Single Week

Joshua Finally Got The Results He Always Wanted

The Sunday before last, I went out to a club and actually made my first pull from night game! This was one of the goals I’d set for myself when we were doing coaching, and I was like, “Holy shit! This actually happened!” A few night later, on Wedsnesday, I went out again and made out with a different girl and got her number (which turned into a date), and I also helped my wingman Steve make his first pull as well.

Finally, last night, I went to a New Year’s party where I met yet another and that ended up with a long makeout close. This girl is really cute, and we’ve got a date set up for Thursday.

Sam Had His First One-Night Stand

Avery Hayden